After decades of planning, the North 40 project has become reality. Located in the bucolic town of Los Gatos, California, the first phase of construction is underway.

This new, authentically Los Gatos village features a mix of housing opportunities. The residences are tied together with an open space plan that embraces the site’s agricultural history through functioning community gardens and orchard treatments.

Finally, the heart of the project comes alive with a specialty market and neighborhood retail where neighbors, friends and families can gather and celebrate the Los Gatos quality of life and slow down from the frenetic Silicon Valley pace.

We are seeking passionate restaurant and retail partners who can help us realize our vision. This is a rare opportunity to become a part of this special place from the very beginning.

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At The Junction, we believe in community. That's why we're preserving the rich heritage of Los Gatos and the surrounding area. These are just some of the stories from this remarkable place.
Giandrea House


A historic World War II-era home, which was relocated to The Junction to reflect the history of the town. It will also be fully restored.
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The name is inspired by our crossroads location and the history of Los Gatos as a depot between the valley and the coast.
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As part of our efforts to preserve the historic look and feel of Los Gatos and the area around The Junction, we brought a historic home, well, home.

The beautiful Gianandrea House currently sits at the heart of The Junction. Rather than see it torn down and replaced by commercial property, we decided to move it.

That's right, the whole house was raised, transported, and placed right here at The Junction. This fascinating process is just part of our commitment to restoring and preserving the unique spirit of Los Gatos and the surrounding area.

The Junction

  • 15011 Los Gatos Blvd Los Gatos, CA 95032

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