Why “The Junction?”

The name is inspired by our crossroads location and the history of Los Gatos as a depot between the valley and the coast. The Junction reflects both heritage and progress. Los Gatos’ rich railroad history and our location positions us as the gateway to Los Gatos just off the highway. No matter how our guests choose to get here – all signs point in the direction of The Junction Los Gatos.

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In the beginning, Los Gatos grew around its rail hub. Connecting the bounty of the Santa Clara Valley to the industry of the Santa Cruz Mountains and Coast, the railroad brought a consistent flow of goods, people and ideas through town. Today, our modern-day junction prides itself on curating and sharing a similarly diverse collection of products, makers and brands.

A modern approach to Los Gatos’ heritage, The Junction was inspired by the concept of “access to more,” offering retail, food, and beverage opportunitiesin beautiful west Silicon Valley. We aim to offer a hub for lively ambiance that provides families and friends with a reason to gather.

Located in the north side of Los Gatos, The Junction is part of a newly developed village that features a mix of residences tied together with an open space plan that embraces the site’s agricultural history through functioning community gardens and orchard treatments.

The Junction is about connection; to our backyard and beyond, the community and our collective brands. We source from across the globe with our community in mind. It’s a local, quality-driven approach to the big picture that keeps us focused on how things really look, smell, feel, sound and taste — because when you’re this invested in it all, the difference is obvious.

We seek tenants who recognize this once-in-a-generation opportunity to be part of our vision.


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As a leading real estate development company in Silicon Valley, with over 7 million square feet under development management, Harmonie Park is focused on creating thriving mixed-use communities in high-barrier-to-entry, emerging secondary and urban markets.

We have expertise in every aspect of the development process, from acquisition and partnership structuring to entitlements, design and construction coordination and leasing strategies.


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With over 40 years of combined experience within Northern California, we create wealth by providing winning solutions and superior service.

Prime Commercial, Inc. is a full-service commercial real estate firm specializing in the lease and sale of commercial properties. Our firm is dedicated to forging strong, long-lasting relationships with property owners and developers through hard work and unmatched loyalty. We focus on a multitude of retail property types from stand-alone retail buildings to land suitable for retail development.

The Junction

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